Modular Lift Towers

At Barnhart, we understand that each project is unique with its own challenges and constraints. But our Modular Lift Tower is a one-of-a-kind model designed by the Barnhart engineering squad. Not only do our Modular Lift Towers feature low site congestion, low mobilization costs and time, and unlimited configurations, but we can also combine it with a variety of lifting tools including stand jacks, Barnhart-designed hoist systems, and gantries. The Modular Lift Towers offer a containerized and versatile design for ease of shipment and unlimited heavy lift applications. Such capability offers an efficient option for domestic and international projects. If your project is one-of-a-kind, our one-of-a-kind Modular Lift Tower will finish the job with ease.

Services We Provide with Modular Lift Towers:

  • Nominal Capacity to 1,600 Tons
  • Low Mobilization Costs Relative to Lifting Capacity
  • Economical International Shipment
  • Containerized Design
  • Low Ground Loading
  • No Guying Requirements
  • Unlimited Configurations for Heavy Lift Applications
  • Competitive Alternative to a Large Crane
  • Minimizes Job Site Congestion for Set Up and Disassembly

Watch a Video Overview of the Modular Lift Tower