PL Propylene Heavy Haul

Barnhart was contracted to transport (8) Catofin Reactors, (2) Re-boiler,
(3) Splitter Sections, (1) Steam Generator (1) Steam Drum. From Manchester Terminals in Houston, TX to the Petro Logistics Facility in Houston, TX Barnhart was also tasked to set the Steam Generators with their Gantry System. Barnhart utilized Big John Marine Service to transport via water way our
lighter pieces the top section of the splitter as well as all (8) reactors and both re-boilers. Barnhart had to shut down at night Hwy 225 a major freeway in Houston to cross between the medians this allowed Barnhart to bypass all bridges and over head obstacles. Barnhart transported all of the pieces with their PST-E platform Trailers. The larger splitter sections utilized the e-steer trailers in a bolster configuration to be able to span the length of the pieces.