Generator and Turbine Haul

Barnhart was contracted to receive one generator and one turbine from rail, haul the loads 8.5 miles to the job site and then set them on the foundation.

The major challenge of this project was crossing a low limit bridge. To spread the weight of the load, the engineering plan required that Barnhart haul the generator and turbine acorss the bridge on a double-wide 14-line Goldhofer electronic steer platform trailer (PSTe) for maximum distribution of the load. However, the rest of the route was not wide enough to allow the use of a double-wide configuration. Only a single-wide trailer would make it.

The solution was to execute the road haul on a single-wide Goldhofer adn then just ahead of the bridge a second Goldhofer PSTe was placed alongside. The cargo was then transferred to the center of the now double-wide configuration using the Barnhart slide system. Once the bridge was crossed, the operation was reversed and the rest of the haul was continued in a single-wide configuratin.