From Operating Plants to Organ Pipes

HAKE has worked with nearly every major industrial contractor and plant in our region. Refiners, nuclear power producers, steel manufacturers and the contractors who support them are just a few of our customers. But it's not just the big jobs that need the experience of HAKE. Over the years we have been trusted to handle everything from new nuclear reactors for energy production to the organ pipes in the Kimmel for new music production.

A Drive for Innovation

Give us your most difficult project. HAKE thrives on a challenge and chances are we have the innovation you require for your next rigging or transportation project. We're confident that not only do we have the right tool for your job, we've got the depth of engineering resources and field leaders to implement a safe and efficient solution.

Petroleum Refining, Nuclear Power, Fossil Power, and Steel are just some of the markets in which we have built a solid reputation.

Contact us today and let us find the right tool for you.